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Equal Opportunity Employer

Taylor Construction Inc.
7314 Columbus St.
P.O. Box 110
New Vienna, IA 52065

Phone: (563) 921-2315
Fax: (563) 921-3845

Applications are considered active for 60 days from the date of signature. After 60 days, reapplication is necessary.

If you become an employee of this Company, you will be expected, by Company Safety Policies, to wear the authorized personal safety equipent, when warranted, such as hard hat, sfety glasses, hearing protection, etc. Failure to follow the Company Safety Policies will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

NOTE: None of the information requested will be used to discriminate against any individual for any reason prohibited by law.

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How did you learn about this position?

Have you ever used a name other than that shown above? (Nick-name also)
Have you ever used another social security number?
Are you prevented from lawfully becoming employed in this country because of Visa or Immigration Status? (Proof of citizenship or immigration will be required prior to beginning employment)
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Do you have reliable transportation to get yourself to and from the job site?
Have you ever been convicted of any crime?
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Instructions to applicant:
  1. List employment for at least 10 years. All time must be accounted for (explain any gaps in employment).
  2. If former employer out of business, furnish name & phone number or address of person who can verify your employment
  3. If self-employed, furnish name, phone number or addresss of a non-relative who can verify employment.
Is your present employer aware that you are seeking other employment?
Employment Record
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Taylor Construction, Inc. is committed to maintaining a drug-free workplace. Therefore, all candidates for employment (applicants to whom a contingent offer of employment has been made) are required to complete a medical examination, including a testing for drug/alcohol use, by a physician of Taylor Construction, Inc.'s choice. An offer of employment is contingent upon a candidate's submission to and successful completion of the medical exam and test.


Pursuant to the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, all applicants upon being made an offer of employment, must produce documents, wherein are specified by the federal government, establishing your identity and authorization for employment in the United States. These documents must be produced no later than 3 days after commencement of employment. You will also be required to sign the Form I-9 9issued by the federal government) verifying, under oath, your employment authorization.


In the event that a job offer is extended to me, I agree to undergo a post-offer physical and drug/alcohol test. I understand that the results of such a test will be disclosed only to Taylor Construction, Inc.'s Human Resource personnel and other with a need to know, or as required by law. I understand that if I refuse to consent to testing, fail to provide a urine sample when requested, provide a false or tampered urine sample, or fail to successfully complete the physical or drug/alcohol test, I will not be hired in accordance with Taylor Construction, Inc.'s policy.

Permission is granted to Taylor Construction, Inc. to conduct an investigation and to solicit information as to my education, employment history, character and general reputation, driving record and criminal record. I release Taylor Construction, Inc. and all persons and organizations from any liability arising from such statements, their solicitation or use.

I understand that federal law prohibits the employment of unauthorized alien; all persons hired must submit satisfactory proof of employment authorization and identity; failure to submit proof will result in denial of employment.

I understand that this employment application and other company documents are not contracts or employment and that any individual who is hired may voluntarily leave or be terminated at any time, with or without cause. If terminated, I authorize Taylor Construction, Inc. to deduct, to the extent permitted by law, any amount I may owe to Taylor Construction, Inc. from any amount that Taylor Construction, Inc. may owe me. I understand that no representative of Taylor Construction, Inc. has any authority to offer or to enter into any agreement for employment for any specific period of time or to make any agreement contrary to the foregoing.

I certify that all statements made by me on this application are true, complete and correct. I understand that any false, misleading, inaccurate, or omitted facts could result in the rejection of my application or termination of my employment at any time. I have read, understand, and by my signature consent to all disclosures and statements.